Our Services

Condo & Residential Property Management Services

Barrier Beach Management is a full service, unique Property Management Company that specializes in the management of Condominiums, Cooperative’s and HOA’s.

We provide all of the services that would be required to properly and efficiently operate your building. We will work closely with you, the Board, and will communicate with you effectively when discussing co-op business.

We use a team approach to manage our properties. The team will be led by Jamie Shaw and consists of Property Managers, Assistant Property Managers, and our Office Manager. Our team will communicate with all Shareholders, co-op vendors, and enforce Shareholder compliance issues.

Our financial team handles all monetary issues. Such as the preparation of the monthly maintenance invoices, the collection of the monthly dues, the preparation of the monthly financial reports and the preparation of the annual operating budget. Kent Leffel, the CFO of Barrier Beach Management, leads the financial team.